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Advertising Rates For 1 Listing or 1 Membership

Type of Listing Cost of 1 Listing Duration Description
Free Free 90 days 1 Photo Only
Basic SGD$5/- 90 days 5 Photos
Featured SGD$20/- 90 days 10 Photos, Map, Visitor Counter & Featured
Top of Category SGD$40/- 90 days 20 Photos, Map, Visitor Counter, Featured & Top of Category

Type of Membership Cost of 1 Membership Duration Description
Free SGD$0/- 20000 days 10,000 Free Listing
Basic SGD$72/- 365 days 36 Basic Listing
Featured SGD$90/- 365 days 60 Featured Listing
Top of Category SGD$120/- 365 days 120 Top of Category Listing

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